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Red, Yellow and Orange Themed Sweet Cone / Party Bag

Red, Yellow and Orange Themed Sweet Cone / Party Bag

The Sweet Cone Company

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PERSONALISED MESSAGE - If you would like to add a personal touch to your sweet cones, please use the 'NOTES' section at checkout to type your message, and tell us about any particular image you'd like on the stickers. It's totally FREE, and we design and print them in our studio.

- ALLERGENS - Allergens will be printed onto the back sticker of your sweet cone. If you require a full ingredient list, please use the 'NOTES' section at checkout to request this.

ALWAYS FRESH - We never pre make any of our goodies, each and every order is made fresh! Although our stock holds a use by date of atleast 12 months... we recommend each product is consumed within 8 weeks.

- DELIVERY -  We use the best software to help us offer the best customer service. At checkout you will be able to select a delivery date. The delivery date selected is NOT guaranteed, it is used as a guide so we can make sure the product is sent as fresh as possible. Every effort is made to schedule delivery on you selected date, but please select a date AT LEAST A WEEK prior to your event, just in case delays occur. For more information please click the link - Delivery and Returns – The Sweet Cone Company

- OUR PACKAGING - Please recycle all cardboard boxes, and brown paper packaging. Our packaging peanuts are also compostable. 

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